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greetings & salutations!

I just joined this community after being shown it by a member of another Equine related LJ community commented on one of my posts saying you guys would probably appreciate my work. I'm a CM artist who takes on Stones, Breyers, Artist Resins and even damaged mail order resins to spruce them up and send them off to new homes or to keep on my private show string. I currently have ELEVEN projects lining my shelves in wait of being finished, including my current sales project which I'm including photos of behind the cut as well as info about him as he is a WIP & a pretty drastic custom.

But yeah... My name is Tia. I ride horses, I own a spicy little paint mare named Jezebel. I like pie. My favorite color is blue. My favorite natural "Earth" color is bronze or sage. My favorite horse color is bay roan. I loooove painting :) And yes... Sleep is god.

Favorite tool of the trade; APOXIE SCULPT!!!!!!!!!!!
Favorite model; BOUNCER!
Favorite Horse breed; AMERICAN PAINT!
Second Fave; haha... Australian Stock Horse

ok enough... Now onto what you guys have REALLY wanted to see lol!

So far he's been fairly well resculpted by hand into a young Friesian stallion with magazine photos used as reference for muscling etc. He's got a long way to go. But I'll keep everyone posted.

When Purchased:
-- Breyer "El Pastor" Paso Fino mold (Traditional 1:9 scale)
-- Had been horribly sanded down
-- Had two "logs" of wood filler attached to his genital region. One as a sheath, the other as testicles.
-- Was lacking a chin, lower lip, cheeks, nostrils (factory flaws ie; no detailing or mold flaws)
-- Had a clubbed foot, all feet were different sizes
-- Had a very Arabian dished head
-- Tail barely reached hocks
-- Bad priming job

Work Done:
-- Seams sanded down
-- wood filler logs removed from genital region
-- logo removed
-- hooves and ears carved
[Apoxie Sculpt]
-- Sheath and testicles resculpted with pain staking detail (still being tweaked for realism)
-- cheeks added and sculpted to fit face
-- nasal ridge resculpted to give him a more masculine non-arabian look
-- nostrils, upper & lower lips, & chin resculpted/added for realistic appearance (still being tooled out and sanded for OPTIMAL realism)
-- Tail lengthened and movement added to it
-- Clubbed hoof fixed, one hind foot resized
-- Mane finished where badly sanded along his crest
-- Veins added in strategic places (being finished, added to, & worked for realism)
[Super Sculpey]
-- DRASTIC over-feathering added to all four limbs (being refined)
-- Two feet resized and re-worked with feathering of the coronet bands
-- Tail added to for realism, movement, body
-- Chest completely resculpted (being added on to)
-- wrinkles added between forearms (being added onto)
-- Shoulder began resculpting (being added on to)

Work To Be Done:
-- Finish adding to and working out tail & mane
-- Finish muscular and ligamental resculpt
-- Finish feathering
-- Finish hoof work
-- Reposition lifted forelimb & ankle to properly bend in classic Friesian prance
-- Finish facial structures
-- Finish veins, whisker bumps, wrinkling
-- Sand, prep, prime

He's a long way from finished, but about 45% of the way there. When finished "Preacher" will be offered for sale, prepped, primed, unpainted & ready to begin his journey towards being someone's NAN champion! All my prepwork/customizing is LSQ (Live Show Quality) it would be a shame to show him in photo shows only because you lose so much detail there! He WILL BE ELIGIBLE TO BE SHOWN AT BREYERFEST BECAUSE HE ORIGINALLY WAS A BREYER!

Until then? You all get to bask in wonder of this work in progress :)

NOW for the photos;

Cheers for now!

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