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Phoenix update!

"Phoenix" is a Sarah Minkiewicz-Breuning Tango resin repaint... Or I should say I got him as a raw casting and painted him but yeah XD. He's about 5.75" tall which classifies him either as a paddock pal or a small classic sized resin. But at his diminutive height he packs a WALLOP with personality and allure. This resin is one of the most beautiful on the planet. Phoenix is about 98% finished, just needing his mane, tail, and a few places ticked out and finished up before he's ready to be signed, sprayed, and varnished to be sent to his new home in Australia.

Done in Acrylic paints/inks, colored pencils, and soft/hard pastels he's a super lively super high sabino sorrel and white Tovero mustang stallion with extreme detail.

A full show photo shoot will be done of this stallion once he's finished and ready to fly down under to compete there. I'll take the liberty of entering him in 3 photoshows for his new owners to see how he competes on the PSQ circuit, but I consider him 100% TOP LSQ and a HUGE contender in the color ring as well as a few others! He COULD be shown as a Brumby, however I don't think I've ever seen one quite so flashy!

I love him, he's one of my most favorites.

Completing him opens my painting commission books which I hope to fill relatively quickly even though I have so many resculpting projects to finish including one rather large resculpting commission and a large personal resculpting projects I'm working on my self.

BUT! they will all get done!

More photos of Phoenix;

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